Artwork: Child’s Drawing for her Mother

Drawing by Zuzana Hojtasova.

Drawing by Zuzana Hojtasova.

Drawing by Zuzana Hojtasova made in Terezin

Colored pencil on rag paper

Zuzana’s drawings in colored pencil, often on rag paper, show her expression of the complicated childhood that she endured in Terezin. On the back of Zuzana’s drawing of houses, trees, and people, there is text that translates: Dear Mommy, I wish you all the best. Next year you should be at home.”

More Information
In July 1942, Gita (10 years old), Zuzana (7 years old), and their mother Gertrude were deported from their native Prague to the Terezin concentration camp/ghetto. They were liberated in 1945.