Photograph: Sisters After Liberation

Photo of Gita (right) and Zuzana Hojtasova in Prague, 1945

Gita (b. 1932) and Zuzana Hojtasova (b. 1935) after liberation, 1945

Prague, Czechoslovakia
Gift of the sisters: Gita and Milton Kaufman and Sue and Howard Pinsky

Gita (right) and Zuzana Hojtasova standing outdoors smiling for the camera with bows in their hair. This is shortly after liberation; their clothes didn’t fit. Note the short dresses and the shoes with the toes cut out.

In July 1942, Gita (10 years old), Zuzana (7 years old), and their mother Gertrude were deported from their native Prague to the Terezin concentration camp/ghetto. They were liberated in 1945.