Project Suggestions for Elli

Below are topics for research. Students can write a paper or create a multi-media presentation about one or more of these topics.

  1. Find out more about anti-Semitic propaganda. Describe a few examples, both from Nazi Germany and from other European countries during the period of the Holocaust.
  2. Find out more about the history of Hungary during WWII.
  3. Find out more about the ways Jews were identified in various locations in occupied Europe, and explain why these tactics were used.
  4. What did Jews know about the deportations? Find out more about each of the places Elli and the others think they might be going in Chapter 3, and explain the meaning of their comments about each.
  5. Learn more about Josef Mengele and his medical activities at the killing center called Auschwitz.
  6. Find out more about the notorious forced labor camp of Plaszow.
  7. Besides fighting back with physical resistance, what other options were available to Jews to stand in defiance to their oppressors? Find out more about the various forms of resistance during the Holocaust, citing several examples.
  8. Find out more about the Jewish tradition of bikur cholim (visiting the sick). Why do you think being with someone who is ill is important?
  9. Find out more about what the Americans did when they found the survivors of the concentration camps. What was their response to what they encountered?