Project Suggestions for Marek

Below are topics for research. Students can write a paper or create a multi-media presentation about one or more of these topics.

  1. Find out more about the Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact, and explain why Germany and the Soviet Union signed this treaty on the eve of World War II.
  2. Find out more about the impressions Jews and others had of German society before WWII. How did this impression affect the ways in which they responded to the Nazis when WWII began?
  3. Find out more about the risks that Marek and his brother took by not wearing the armband. What punishments could they have faced?
  4. Find out more about the alliance between Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy, and explain why Italian troops were stationed in Lvov.
  5. Find out more about the history of the massive deportations from Lvov, and learn more about Belzec, the death camp where many of the Jews of Lvov were murdered.
  6. Find out more about the political changes and the progress of the war in Italy during 1943.
  7. Find out more about Jewish and non-Jewish partisans, and the countries in which they fought.
  8. What were conditions like for Jews who tried to return to their homes after the war? What challenges did they face?
  9. Find out more about the history of Zionism, and explain why it was so important to the survivors.