Resources for Meir

To continue your study of this topic and to help with your research, use the following additional sources. Books preceded by an asterisk are recommended for middle and high school students.


  • The Life of Jews in Poland Before the Holocaust: a Memoir
    Gold, Ben-Zion, Lincoln and London, 2007.
    A memoir about Jewish life in Poland before the war.
  • Last Barrier to Freedom: Internment of Jewish Holocaust Survivors on Cyprus 1946-1949
    Laub, Morris, Berkeley: Judah L. Magnes Museum, 1985.
    Story of would be Jewish immigrants to Mandatory Palestine who were caught and imprisoned on Cyprus.
  • *Daring to Resist: Jewish Defiance in the Holocaust
    Mais, Yitzchak, and Bonnie Gurewitsch, eds., New York: Museum of Jewish Heritage – A Living Memorial to the Holocaust, 2007.
    Exhibition volume depicting the range of Jewish resistance efforts during the Holocaust.
  • *Hiding to Survive: Stories of Jewish Children Rescued from the Holocaust
    Rosenberg, Maxine B., New York, 1994.
    Stories of 14 Jewish children hidden with non-Jewish families during the Holocaust.
  • *The Holocaust: A History of Courage and Resistance
    Stadtler, Bea, Springfield: Behrman House, 2005.
    Textbook of for the history of the Holocaust.


    Text of the Nazi regulation establishing the Jewish Councils in occupied territories
    Virtual museum on the history of the clandestine immigration efforts of 1946 – 1949
    A museum and kibbutz in Israel founded by a community of Holocaust survivors, ghetto fighters, and partisans


  • Echoes that Remain
    60 Minutes, 1991
    A poignant study of Jewish life before the Holocaust with rare archival photos and film footage.
  • Courage to Care
    29 Minutes, 1986
    A documentary about non-Jews who risked their lives to rescue Jews from Nazi persecution.
  • The Long Way Home
    120 Minutes, 1997
    Academy Award-winning documentary of Holocaust survivors struggling to rebuild their lives in the years following WWII.