Project Suggestions for Pawel

Below are topics for research. Students can write a paper or create a multi-media presentation about one or more of these topics.

  1. Find out more about Nazi anti-Semitism. What were the stated reasons for discrimination against Jews? Cite some examples of how Nazi policies of discrimination were carried out in accordance with their racial ideology.
  2. Find out more about the Lodz Ghetto. What were the conditions? How did residents of the ghetto try to maintain their humanity?
  3. Find out more about the Jewish Councils and describe some of the moral dilemmas they faced. Some Jews accused the members of the Councils of taking advantage of their positions to receive special favors. What were the priorities of the Councils during this dangerous time? What are some of your priorities?
  4. Explain how having a bar mitzvah in the ghetto is an example of spiritual resistance. Cite some other examples of resistance during the Holocaust that did not involve physical force, and explain why you consider each one an example of resistance.
  5. Pawel described meeting a Catholic priest who was also an inmate in Dachau. Find out more about the experiences of Catholics who were persecuted during the Holocaust. Why were they targeted by the Nazis?
  6. Find out more about some of the ways that the liberators tried to help the survivors.