Project Suggestions for Yisrael

Below are topics for research. Students can write a paper or create a multi-media presentation about one or more of these topics.

  1. Find out more about Chassidism and its origins.
  2. Why would Yisrael’s family allow him to have a bar mitzvah under such dangerous circumstances?
  3. Find out some other examples of religious defiance of the Nazis.
  4. Find out more about the Warsaw Ghetto. What were the physical conditions? What self-help organizations did Jews establish in order to cope with their circumstances?
  5. Find out more about the rewards that Nazis offered to people who would turn in Jews.Find out more about the death camp, Auschwitz.
  6. Find out more about the partisans. Why were some partisan groups specifically Jewish? What other kinds of groups were represented among the partisans?
  7. Find out more about the circumstances that Jews faced at the end of the war. Were they able to return to their homes?