The Museum holds approximately 4,000 audio and video testimonies by Holocaust survivors, liberators, rescuers, Jews who served in the Allied Armies during World War II, and many others. The testimonies include accounts of racial laws and discrimination, personal stories of families struggling to remain together, descriptions of the enormous challenges and devastation of the camps, memories of ways of life that were nearly stamped out by the Nazis, and so much more.

When a Holocaust survivor tells her story, she re-asserts the humanity and dignity that the Nazis attempted to destroy. It is an act of resistance.

  • On Liberation: Ben Lesser

  • Kristallnacht Testimony: Rita Stern

  • Eva Schloss at the 2018 Spring Womens Luncheon

  • Stories Survive Speaker Series: Celia Kener

  • The Effects of Hunger on a Lodz Ghetto Resident

  • When People Disappeared from the Lodz Ghetto