We are pleased to offer pre-recorded virtual lessons, taught by a Museum educator, using our Holocaust Curriculum lesson plans. Each lesson is free but individual students must register for the lessons in order to gain access.

Lesson titles below are linked to the registration pages.

Child's drawing, cut out heart with flowersIntroduction to Jewish Life during the Holocaust, Part 1 Introduction to Jewish Life during the Holocaust, Part 2

Flower made by Else SachsThe Rise of Nazism in Germany Pencil set brought by Kindertranportee Erika Tichauer from Germany to England - interiorJewish Responses to Discrimination in Nazi Germany: Nuremberg Laws and Kristallnacht

Terezin food ration card for Hilde Biermann for MayJewish Life in the Ghettos Gita and Zuzana Hojtasova as childrenJewish Life in Concentration Camps

Richark Rozencwajg as a small boyExperiences of Jewish Children and Teens Hand embroidered blouse belonging to Rachel and then Chaya PorusJewish Resistance During the Holocaust

Eva Rapaport, 1940Jewish Teens in Hiding Liberation dressLiberation and Aftermath

Jewish and World Response